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Friday, October 5

What's your fave Nokia Lumia 920/820 Accessory?

You will finally be able to get either the Nokia Lumia 920 or 820 (1 month from now) and if you are like me, you are already pondering what accessory to get with your phone, I got the white in-ear Nokia Purity Headsets to go with my White Lumia 900, it was an easy choice.

this time however, it will be tough, Nokia is putting out a whole bunch of awesome features to go with the new Lumia 820 and 820

Here are your choices...
Nokia Wireless Charging Stand
JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speakers (pic courtesy of  Engadget)
Nokia Wireless Charging Plate
Nokia FatBoy Wireless Charging Pillow
Nokia Luna Bluetooth with NFC and wireless charging
Nokia PlayUp Wireless Speakers
Nokia Purity-Pro Wireless Stereo headsets

i am sure by now you are familiar with all these accessories, Most of them are made by Nokia.
these are pretty cool phone accessories to own, I will be getting more than 1, but I will be start by getting "a pair of gloves"

So which Accessory will you be getting with your Nokia Lumia 920/820 when it launches in November?

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  1. A would say the JBL PowerUp and the fatboy pillow.