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Tuesday, October 2

Video: BattleShip on the Nokia N9 (Awesome Online Game!)

Came across Battleship on my N9, while searching for an addictive game to play and I haven't put it down ever since.
If you familiar with Battleship, then you know the best way to play this is with someone else who is some place else... online!
And who else to bring battleship with online support than Star Arcade, the #1 mobile social gaming network, the same guys who brought you jelly wars.
What I love most about Star Arcade games is that they are all online and you can play with opponents across all platforms!
Battleship (in case you do not know) is a multiplayer game where you try to figure out where your opponent has placed his ships and destroy them. (this has nothing to do with the awful Rihanna movie, BattleShip, though it was somehow meant to).
Here is a demo of the best online game on the Nokia N9,

it's fast paced, there is a timer as you have x secs to make your move.
Game is timed so no playing a single game for weeks, once you start you have to finish
chat is enabled in game, so let the smack talk begin!
You can have the computer randomly place your ships for you on the board.
Leadership board available, so you can see how you rank against others
strangers become friends: If you love a game you played with a stranger, you can add them to your friends list and maybe even play again!
Nice graphics and sound effects!
It's free!

Not so intuitive, takes a few plays to figure out all the controls!
If you lose data connection, you lose the game.
Cannot adjust timer, sometimes you do not just have enough time to make your move, and sadly there isn't any option to change the time settings.

All in all, the BattleShip Game for N9 is awesome, hope to see it come to Windows Phone soon.


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