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Friday, October 5

Lumia Exclusivity: Bad Idea? or Really Bad Idea?

If you follow me on twitter (@nok4us) then you know the instant At&t announced that the Lumia 920 is going to be exclusive to their network, I was enraged, confused and upset.
Shortly after articles started popping up reacting to the decision Nokia had made to make the Lumia 920 a 1-carrier exclusive, Articles from PhoneArena, CNET, even the reputable Paul Thurrott (from winsupersite) is against this strategy.

Reading the comments alone from (CNET, Engadget, Verge, PhoneArena...) from users reacting to this exclusive B$, just shows how disappointed many are with this decision

Yesterday, I got emails, text messages and a couple of phone calls from people and friends (who I personally convinced to wait for the Lumia 920) expressing their dismay at this decision Nokia made.

Why would Nokia limit the awesome, innovative and revolutionary Lumia 920 to just one carrier? A few have bravely come to Nokia's defense by saying maybe Verizon didn't want, well now, that's utter B$, as I just confirmed from a Verizon source, this is Nokia's approach.
If you haven't heard Rogers in Canada is also carrying the Lumia 920 exclusively or did Bell or any other Canadian Network) suddenly not want the 920 either?

 S.Elop in a recent interview (can't be bothered with who), responding to this exclusivity strategy Nokia has adopted said they are doing it because of the mistake they made with the Lumia 800 by releasing on every network, uhm excuse Mr. Elop, your version of every network might differ from mine, as I recall the Lumia 800 wasn't even released in the US, instead was sold unlocked at a hefty price and was released in limited European markets, so I have no clue where Mr. Elop is getting this idea that releasing a phone exclusively will be a huge success. they tried it with the Lumia 900 and we all know how that turned out, even with the so called At&t push to market the device, it didn't even sell up to half a million units.

At&t has approximately 96million users and no doubt half of those probably already went with iPhone5, let's not forget At&t houses most of the iSheep today, the rest use some form of Samsung android device and then there are the loyal Blackberry users. So exactly what percentage of this will get the Lumia 920?

Verizon has approximately 87million users, I would say half probably use a Motorola Droid, then there are the iPhone users and the Blackberry users.

T-Mobile with its 25million users, was probably Nokia's best bet at selling a lot of 920s, T-Mobile probably has the largest base of Nokia lovers in my opinion.

So instead of exposing the Lumia 920 to a market of potentially 208 million users, just like HTC is doing by releasing its 8X/8S Nokia lookalikes to every major US carrier. Nokia just cut its potential market to less than 96million users. I have searched and I haven't found one single Verizon user who is willing to switch to At&t just because of the Lumia 920.

This Nokia exclusive strategy is deeply flawed, and for the third time in 2years I am questioning S.Elop's plan to make Nokia succeed and be a viable company again.

I will wait and see what upgrade plans Nokia or At&t have for existing Nokia Lumia 900 owners before I hit the final nail on the coffin.

So is this a bad idea or a really bad idea? Well, let's see if the exclusivity is for a limited time (which it most probably is). This is a REALLY BAD IDEA!

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  1. Have you heard anyone talk about it? exactly! It's just like the Lumia 710, everyone really wants the 920