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Monday, July 30

Nokia BetaLabs release Nokia Counters (Data Usage meter) app for Lumia Phones

Nokia BetaLabs released a beta version of the Nokia's Counters this week, this app helps you keep track of their monthly calls, messages, and data usage. Sound familiar? Yes, it serves the same purpose of the Data Sense app, which will be built in to upcoming windows phone.
The Nokia Counters has been available for over a month now in the China region, so it is not that new per se.
More features of the app are; it automatically resets its meters at the beginning of each billing cycle, and can break down your usage by contacts.
This app tallies your usage on your phone and it is not in sync with your carrier, that being said if you notice any discrepancies, don't go running to your carrier for help. It remains to be seen if in the future this app will be able to sync up with your carrier's meter.

This app is not yet available in the US, it is however available for unlocked phones (Lumia 800) in the US.

The Nokia Counters is still in beta, so except more improvements in the future.

Here are some screenshots, courtesy Nokia Betalabs...

Via: TheVerge
Source: Nokia BetaLabs


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