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Saturday, July 7

Meego finds a new home in Jolla Ltd, new MeeGo Smartphones coming

MeeGo Lovers, N9/N950 users have a reason to be happy because a the Finnish startup Jolla Ltd. will develop smartphones running the Linux-based platform. Whats even better news is that they (Jolla) will continue development from the spot Nokia dumped the promising OS. 

In case you are wondering, Jolla is a newly founded company and its core employee consists of former Nokia MeeGo Team members, pretty much the talented people behind the brilliant Nokia N9.

Marc Dillon, COO. Jolla Ltd

Right now, MeeGo's new home is headed by Marc Dillon, who is the Chief Operating Officer. He has been with Nokia for almost eleven years and from January 2006 until he left, he was the Principal Engineer for MeeGo at Nokia.

MeeGo will continue to be developed and new MeeGo smartphones will emerge, there is no roadmap but we should expect one from the company.

The future is looking bright again, though it will be tough as we expect to see new Linux based platforms hit the market next year, new platforms like Tizen and Mozilla's B2G (Boot 2 Gecko),  but I believe MeeGo will make the cut, it already has an edge and has proven to be astounding.
and with practically the same MeeGo team still running the show, expectation are deservedly high regarding what to expect in the future on this platform.

MeeGo Lives!!!


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