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Sunday, July 8

Nokia's Verizon WP8 device to have wireless charging, debuts this Holiday 2012.

I went into a Verizon store over the weekend to show off my white glossy Lumia 900 but I never anticipated what I would leave with.

I had a chat with a Verizon employee who knew an awful lot about Windows Phone 8 (most of them don't), and he unwittingly told be about Verizon's upcoming Nokia Windows Phone 8 Device and how we would be able to charge them wirelessly (no wires), he also said it would be equipped with PureView Technology (like the Nokia 808) and that they are working on readying it for the holiday season 2012.

I wasn't going to post this article as I thought it was just senseless rumor, but after Nokia's Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations, Richard Kerris in an interview with Neowin said it wouldn't be long before we saw a Verizon's Nokia WP8 Phone, I thought there just might be some truth to this.

Check out the video on how a Lumia 800 is modded so it can be wirelessly charged.

 So it's not like it's impossible for Nokia to make wirelessly charged phones.

Also, this feature will be exclusive to Verizon Nokia WP8 phones and they will use it to set themselves apart from the rest (At&t, Sprint...)
Remember Elop saying carriers will have unique and exclusive devices in the Q&A last month.

I can only imagine what unique and exclusive features At&t, Sprint Nokia WP8 devices will have.


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