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Saturday, December 31

Nokia: 2011 in review. Happy New year & may your year be amazing everyday

The Beginning:
coming into 2011, the word to describe Nokia was "struggling", though surviving solely on the sale of the N8 from the previous year, Nokia tried to continue its momentum with the release of the E7  (the latest successor to the most popular Nokia 9000 communicator from back in the '90s, but its success was short lived largely due to the aged symbian o/s. Nokia was doomed.

the Decision:
CEO Elop, made an announcement, talking about ending symbian in 2016 and it wasnt a viable contender in the smartphone ecosystem and everyone remembers this one, likening symbian to a burning ship (titanic anyone?), this got symbian lovers enraged, including shareholders, cos from then on nokia's stock dropped faster than a 100pound rock from the roof of a 200 floor skycraper (i've got no better analogy for this),

the Partnership:
Elop made an even bigger announcement, of a mutual partnetship with microsoft's mobile division, Windows Phone, calling it an integration of good hardware with smart software, skeptics (including me) wondered how nokia would possibly gain from this partnership, because though Nokia was failing, it still had the biggest chunk of the mobile market (still does) and wp7 phones were so insignificant that they had no place in the ecosystem, it seemed microsoft had the most to gain from this.

The Aftermath:
following the announcements of Symbian's future, windows partnership, Nokia outsourced symbian development to a 3rd party software company Accenture, even made major job cuts in its finnish HQ, resulting in protests from disgruntled employees, all this while their market value plummeted, they were doing so bad rumour began to swirl around of a possible dismantle of the Finnish giant and Microsoft buying Nokia's mobile division, that of course never happened

the N9:
running on the Meego platform, this phone was doomed before it was even released to the market, this wonderful piece of artwork and its sweet sweet operating system and revolutionary swipe feature, showed what nokia was capable of , but it never got a chance to prove its worth are it was labeled a market distruptor, a passer-by!the first and last of its kind,

Re-image. Re-Brand. Re-Nokia & the Symbian Facelift:
While Nokia is still number in emerging markets, they intend to keep it that way, releasing a string of new symbian belle devices, the 603 700 701, Symbian belle.
Nokia also began rebranding its image, gradually they scrapped the ovi brand, replacing it with nokia, the ovi store became the nokia store, ovi maps became nokia maps... and most recently the symbian belle update that give symbian o/s a facelift was also rebranded to nokia belle and subsequent updates to follow.

the Amazing Happened:

the biggest news of the year, late october Lumia series devices were launched, the Lumia 710 Nokia Sabre, and lumia 800 Nokia Searay, this was big news as no one expected such a quick turn-around, the newborn babies of the nokia+wp7 union were here and we were impressed. so much so that the lumia 800 sold out from major carrier stores.

the Future:
i have always wondered how nokia will do in the US market, they face steep competition, but this Jan. we will the sale of lumia 710 on tmobile and the announcement of the lumia 800 and Nokia Ace, how the US market will respond to these introductions will be very interesting.

2012 should be a very very busy year for Nokia, expect new phones, tablets and innovative technologies this year.

to 2012!


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